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Hello all …

Still trying to figure out this blog thingy even though it has been a few years since I’ve started it now, I am still not sure how it really works. Hmm, I guess I have to post serious and interesting stuff to keep my readers/followers enticed. I will do my best. Not an easy task, as there are better writers than me out there. I like to feel connected with my fellow bloggers, whilst at the same time I like the anonymity that the geographical distance automatically lends. Please don’t follow me if you’re not really interested in what I have to say, I cannot even guarantee that I will follow you back. I am here chiefly to promote my art, (in particular my silhouette paintings) and to be inspired by other creative souls. Someone called Candia Comes Clean just liked my previous post which included a painting and a Coco Chanel quote, her blog is interesting, I think I will follow her.

Do people just follow, in the hope of getting followed back? If so why?

Anyway, just my thoughts from Denmark before I retire.

Good night all.

Queen Margrethe of Denmark and Me in my garden
Queen Margrethe of Denmark and Me in my garden


5 thoughts on “This blog thingy

  1. That cracked me up. “Please do not follow me…. :)” There is a whole community of people that follow a blog just to get a follow in return. That may make sense to anyone that is trying to create numbers, but invariable those blogs are nothing but trash and often commercial advertising endeavors. I usually take a quick look, it takes about 5 – 10 seconds, before I know their follows are basically “spam follows” and that’s that.

    I follow those blogs that come to me that strike me as interesting based on what I see, or that are topically in the same subject area that I write in, and therefore, by definition again, are interesting to me.

    I am an artist. Your art caught my attention. So I hopefully have your permission to follow :).

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    1. Dear Norbert! Welcome to my blog, you do have my permission to follow 😉 I guess it was pretty late when I wrote that post. You’re right, there is a lot of people who just follow to get followed back. I am hoping this way of connecting with people is a little more authentic than Facebook, which I got off of a while back. Anyway, thank you for showing interest and for stopping by, much appreciated.


  2. This post makes me laugh because I am new here and I have the same questions about why people follow me. I hope it’s because they really do like my posts.


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