Why I love WordPress

I have 3 WordPress blogs and after the initial confusion of learning all about widgets, the difference between pages and posts, the importance of tags etc, I now find blogging easy and fun. It is a great way to meet other bloggers and a fab way to share your own thoughts and passions. But I have to say that hands down, the best part of WordPress is the politeness of the people you meet here. Pretty much all the comments I have received are kind, uplifting and supportive. Have you seen the low standard of comments on for example YouTube – geez, people can be mean and judgemental! So hooray for the sobering, inspiring, wonderful and rich world of WordPress! Have a great day everyone and thank you ❤

Showroom Scrivens & Eje in Denmark
Showroom Scrivens & Eje in Denmark

20 thoughts on “Why I love WordPress

  1. Totally agree Katherine. I found your blog randomly on wordpress one day and have been reading ever since. This platform is great for letting people express their interests for others to enjoy.

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  2. You are so right, I too joined wordpress over a year ago now and at first it was a big learning curve but since then I have experienced much joy in blogging my throughts, emotions and most importantly my art for therapy journey. Like you I have found those that stop by to have a look and leave a comment most supportive and generous in their commenting…makes the experience of being a blogger an enjoyable ride…warm regards Karen

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  3. I couldn’t agree with you more! Everyone I have met on here is so polite and generous and kind. It’s a wonderful oasis of serenity compared to most of the comment-enabled Internet destinations.

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