Women and Fashion

Continuing my series of Women and Fashion, here’s my latest painting of a young girl with a book. That green dress was fun and challenging!

FullSizeRender (3)IMG_3780

4 thoughts on “Women and Fashion

  1. Katherine, I am a fan. I must say that I’ve been following you for not long, maybe a year or two… I really appreciate your whispy elongated figures…I instantly recognize it is you….but, when you paint in this style, your talent shines! These bold “portraits” offer the viewer some challenges! I am so intrigued by the drape of the fabric (I can hear the ruffling of the fabric) around a full body, but then that green gloved hand flattens out (as does her face) so, for me, it offers some sense of surrealism (intended or not) that creates a story. I think you’re in your true element in this piece, it goes beyond a pretty picture.

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