My Recent Art Class

It had been a decade since I last held teaching classes. I have just been busy with other projects and ideas. However, I began to realise how much I missed teaching. So I decided to host a Sunday class (11am – 6pm) just for women at my home. This was last Sunday, it was a wonderful day with 15 enthusiastic students. Many of whom hadn’t painted since their childhood! Some were more experienced. Because it was a small class  I was able to offer a fair bit of individual guidance. Here are a few photographs from the happy event.

My next class is on Sunday 24th September. There are a couple of tickets left. The classes are taught in Danish.

Art Class for Women September 10th 2017

Katherine Scrivens Eje

Harbaeks Courtyard, Nedervej 6, 6470 Sydals, Denmark.

Photographs ©Jydske Vestkysten and private archive

Press coverage  Jydske Vestkysten

Art Classes for Women 2017

Art Classes for Women at my home Harbaeks Courtyard

The time is fast approaching for the first of my Art Classes for Women. I have been busy preparing both teaching material and my home to accommodate a small group of students.

I hope the classes will be a special day for my future students. I am certainly looking forward to meeting everyone. I haven’t taught art classes since 2007, so I am eager to get back in the saddle!

The 10th of September is almost sold out! Tickets are still available for the 24th September.

Price: 1.800 Danish crowns BUY TICKET

Read more Katherines Malekursus for Kvinder  (in Danish)

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Skærmbillede 2017-09-04 kl. 20.19.55


Portraits and classes

It has been brought to my attention by several people that I haven’t posted here for a while. I accept this, it’s true! I have however been posting my updates on Instgram pretty much daily, so if you’ve also been bitten by the Instagram bug – find me there!

My biggest news is that I have decided to host two art classes at our home, Harbaeks Courtyard in South Jutland, Denmark in September. I have been absent from the teaching circuit for about a decade, and feel the time is right to return. I am excited to recieve new students for two one day special courses. These classes will be taught in Danish.

We are currently renovating our barns to accomodate teaching and musical events (my husband is a musician) The large barn rooms lend themselves well for me to exhibit my generous sized works. A lot of these are portraits.

Happy Sunday!

Until next time, Katherine x

Here’s a presentational video of our home and an introduction to my art classes: