Gallery and more at our Home


Our home Harbaeks Courtyard (Harbæksgaard) has undergone exciting major renovations these past 6 months. Ever since we purchased it in 2008 in the the beautiful countryside of Skovby situated on the south Jutland island of Als in Denmark , we always dreamed we would one day be able to convert our barns into a large gallery space. This has been accomplished slowly over the past 10 years. Now we have 700 square meters of gallery. And an exciting addition is our little concert hall and cosy bar. This means we can now host various events.

The Little Concert House

We proudly open our doors to showcase our new gallery rooms tomorrow at 2pm-6pm. And again this coming weekend Saturday and Sunday 12pm-4pm. So come on by if you can.



Our first two opening concerts with my husband, Thomas Eje performing have already occurred, the 3rd one will be on the 4th of August. Contact us for tickets: 2142 0006


Exciting days ahead for us as we embark on this new adventure.

Katherine x

From my studio to your home

A new year and a new Silhouette Collection

You can now purchase my art online and get it delivered straight from my studio right to your front door! I have only recently begun selling my art on Etsy so it is still quite new for me. I like it though, because it is so easy for the customer. I have now added this little collection of minimalistic paintings to my online gallery which I hope you’ll check out. These little original watercolours on recycled paper can also be viewed at Harbaeks Courtyard Showrooms, Nedervej 6, 6270 Sydals, Denmark.

Woman and Tree
City Mood
Silhouette in the Sun
Green Sun
Red Sun
The Couple
Sun Salutation
The Meeting
The Walk
Green Sky
Red Reflection
The Dancers
The Prayer
Entering the City
The Silhouette
Silhouette and Black Sun
Light Storm

Painting Queen Elizabeth I

Every day I consider myself fortunate that I get to do what I love! Here’s a few of photos of my progress on Elizabeth I of England portrait. I am using the Armada Portrait by George Gower as my inspiration. I have included a couple of very short videos of me painting a shadow behind a pearl and also me painting a lace cuff detail. Be sure to check out the photos at the end of the post too.

I hope to have it completed in the coming days. I am loving the details of lace and jewelry. Painting the gems is almost as good as owning them!

IMG_2189 3
So many details…



IMG_2344 2IMG_2374 2IMG_2375 2


Inspired by Vermeer

There are the greats and then there are those very few above the greats like Johannes Vermeer from Holland 1632-1675. I have been fascinated with Vermeer’s work my whole life. I was a very young child when I saw my very first Vermeer painting. It was a print of ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’  Years later I would read Tracey Chevalier’s book with the same title. Then of course came the film with Scarlett Johansson and Colin Firth.

I always told myself one day I would explore ‘The Girl with the Pearl Earring’ on a more deeper level and paint her. Here is my interpretation of this masterpiece. It was a journey of joyful and focused painting where time and space no longer existed. I got so caught up in the beautiful vulnerability of this exquisite art gem.

When the Duchess of Cambridge undertook her first solo overseas engagement she flew to Amsterdam. Here you can see her coming face to face with this beautiful little painting.



My Next Class

Art Class for Women

My next class taught at my home Harbaeks Courtyard in Skovby, Sydals will be held on Sunday 25th February 2018. Read more here.

This class will be taught in Danish.

Can’t wait! The last 2 were so much fun!!