Sleepless night

When I get into an obsessive state of mind about a creative project I don’t sleep! Last night I kept thinking of adding blue to this platter, and so I had to try it out this morning. I also painted two more pieces with the same concept. This platter you see here is just dried white clay with under glaze painted on it. I will be firing it in the coming days and will be sure to post the finished result…zzz

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Painted greenware clay platter
Painted greenware clay platter

Black silhouettes on clay

Terra.cotta vase - Katherine Scrivens

So as you know if you’ve been following my posts recently I am working a lot with clay these days. I love the simplicity of throwing a clay vase and finding a simple decoration idea.The clay dictates what it wants to do on the wheel! Here’s a terra-cotta vase covered with a red slip. The figures are painted in black under glaze. Now it needs to be bisque fired and finally fire glazed. A lengthly process! I have quite a few vases on the go at the moment so hopefully they’ll all turn out well. I am not a trained Potter, so it is learning by doing and having fun along the way!