Inner and Outer World

‘Inner and Outer World’ acrylic on canvas

Sorry, it’s been a while since I last updated. I have been travelling. I had a very exciting trip to Haugesund, Norway. My daughter Maria, lives and works there. It was wonderful to be with her again and also to absorb the beautiful Norwegian nature. Below this text you’ll find a few photographs from the trip. Lastly, as you can see I have a new painting on the way! I was very inspired by the mountains of Norway, the beauty of the Earth and our connection to it. This is a new type of style for me, so a little challenging, but it’s part of the journey so that’s alright! Have a lovely weekend, everyone.

Until next time, Katherine x

Mother and Daughter
Maria and her little Bengal kitten
Little island near Haugesund
Little island near Haugesund
Little island near Haugesund

Day trip to Gothic Lubeck

Hello friends! It was the hottest day of the year yesterday. On a spur of the moment I decided to head south to Lubeck, Germany. Lubeck is a good two hours drive from Sønderborg. It was a hot drive but worth it! What a beautiful Gothic city! No wonder it is listed as a World Heritage Site.