Oranges and a silk drape

I had forgotten just how much I enjoy painting still-lifes! More of these to come I am sure. Here’s one in acrylic I painted over the weekend for my kitchen. I love the simplicity of this composition. And I love the way the black (the queen of all colours ) makes all the other colours vibrate. After I photographed this I gave it a heavy coat of boat varnish to protect it from the usual kitchen splashes! This also caused the colours to jump out even more.

IMG_3143 3
Still life with oranges and silk drape ©KatherineScrivens Eje
Close up of water drops

Art Deco Headboard

Today I completed this art deco painting which will be a headboard over a bed in our home. I am a huge admirer of artist Tamara de Lempicka. Those familiar with her work will see a resemblance to one of her paintings in this piece. I will give it a high gloss varnish tomorrow and will hopefully have the time to paint a Versace inspired frame for it too.

Man in Blue – acrylic on board