City Lights

I always seem to get a lot of painting done during the winter months. This winter is no exception. My constant fascination with silhouettes, city lights and umbrellas has largely been my focus in my recent paintings. Here’s a big one called ‘City Lights’ just completed today. I like to think it brings a little sparkle and magic…

City Lights 140×160 cm For Sale
City Lights 140×160 cm
Detail from City Lights 140×160 cm
Detail from City Lights 140×160 cm
Detail from City Lights 140×160 cm

Sleepless night

When I get into an obsessive state of mind about a creative project I don’t sleep! Last night I kept thinking of adding blue to this platter, and so I had to try it out this morning. I also painted two more pieces with the same concept. This platter you see here is just dried white clay with under glaze painted on it. I will be firing it in the coming days and will be sure to post the finished result…zzz

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Painted greenware clay platter
Painted greenware clay platter