The Duck

I have been working a lot with Holbein’s drawings as inspiration recently. Here is my latest painting. Old meets new as traditional merges with funky! I photographed my journey with this painting so you can see the different stages along the way.

The Duck - acrylic on canvas
The Duck – acrylic on canvas

My Holbein Painting – finished today!

Woman in Blue Dress
Woman in Blue Dress

I really enjoyed working on this piece even though it was a lot of work! I took my inspiration from a Hans Holbein drawing. My old drawing instructor encouraged me to study Holbein’s drawings. “Everything you need to know about drawing is in a Holbein drawing” he said. I am glad I heeded his advice as he was right. There is so much inspiration and guidance to be found in these gems! You can also see my woman in the red chair behind this painting perched on our old spanish chest. I have found that my sitting room is the best area for my paintings to dry, the result is of course, that I have paintings all over the place!