Birthday thoughts


It’s my birthday tomorrow. I was born 19.11.1964 so that means I’ll be 52.

As I look back over the years, it all seems to have flown by and suddenly here I am. But really when I start to reminisce I realize my life has been jammed packed with experiences just like everyone else and it hasn’t flown by at all. Indeed it is a wonder it all fitted into a meager 52-year span.

Just like you, I’ve had highs and lows. Good times and bad times. Happy days and sad days. Euphoria and heartbreak. Great hair days and bad hair days. Positive relationships and negative relationships. Fair and unfair things happen to me. Bright days with sunshine and dark nights of desperation.

As time ticks by I am learning that life is supposed to be exactly like this. After all, how can you have a mountain if you don’t have a valley? Life is messy, it is never by the book. Surprises and shocks can knock on your door at any time. It is never quite how you imagined it. I have learned that to be happy is a decision you can make and gratitude for what you have is a solid foundation to build any given day on.

Bad days will surely come, but if you find a little good in that day, it won’t be all that bad.

And you know, some people don’t even make it to 52 years. So how neurotic is it to fuss and stress over a few wrinkles and gray hairs? We are supposed to arrive at the finishing line spent and worn out after a life well lived. I find it sad to see the growing Hollywood trend of underfed over-botoxed women trying desperately to hold onto their youth.

Yep! 52 years old. I am grateful for these years, even the sad times have taught me something.

I am grateful for my family and friends I am grateful to have the opportunity to share my thoughts and my art with others through the magic of the internet.

I am grateful that when you reach your 50s insecurities begin to melt away. I realize the only opinion that matters is the one you have of yourself.

You create your life, you don’t just live it.

You are the Mistress/Master of your own fate and the Captain of your own soul.

References: Invictus by William Ernest Henley