Mother and Daughter

Over the years, I have painted many portraits of my daughter, Maria. This one below is probably one of my favourites. Actually, as I am writing out this post I am getting an idea for the next post, which could be a presentation of all of the portraits together. Well, for now, here is a simple Silhouette painting of a Mother and Daughter sharing a special moment.


Mother and Daughter

February – the month of love…

Here’s a few paintings to celebrate the human experience of love…   More paintings…

More paintings…

The couple walking in the woods

Following my current theme of pink skies, I was inspired to paint this little painting today (50x50cm). It was a pure joy to create the two figures walking in the woods. Hmm, I wonder what they are talking about and what their story is? I have found certain success in using soft pink and lemon as the backdrop colours. I feel it lightens and creates a dramatic contrast to the heavy black foreground.

'Walk in the woods' acrylic on canvas 50x50cm
‘Walk in the woods’ acrylic on canvas 50x50cm

Oh Joy!

Do you know this feeling? Walking in the woods and feeling the calmness of nature entering the soul? I live in the Danish countryside and I love the peace and healing that only nature can yield. This painting is a celebration of this emotional experience. Breathe in deep.

Oh Joy!
Oh Joy!

Black silhouettes on clay

Terra.cotta vase - Katherine Scrivens

So as you know if you’ve been following my posts recently I am working a lot with clay these days. I love the simplicity of throwing a clay vase and finding a simple decoration idea.The clay dictates what it wants to do on the wheel! Here’s a terra-cotta vase covered with a red slip. The figures are painted in black under glaze. Now it needs to be bisque fired and finally fire glazed. A lengthly process! I have quite a few vases on the go at the moment so hopefully they’ll all turn out well. I am not a trained Potter, so it is learning by doing and having fun along the way!