Winter mornings at home

I just have to re-share the crisp stunning beauty of the Danish Countryside from my instagram site! Life is good when this is your backyard!

I have decorated the house all ready for Christmas. Our 4 children will all be dropping by, so it’ll be absolutely wonderful ❤ Today I will be meeting up for lunch with a very special girlfriend whom I have known for over 30 years!

I have been absent from WP for a while as there hasn’t been much time for blogging but I do have some new paintings I will be sharing very soon.

Hope everyone is doing great, until next time, Katherine.


The couple walking in the woods

Following my current theme of pink skies, I was inspired to paint this little painting today (50x50cm). It was a pure joy to create the two figures walking in the woods. Hmm, I wonder what they are talking about and what their story is? I have found certain success in using soft pink and lemon as the backdrop colours. I feel it lightens and creates a dramatic contrast to the heavy black foreground.

'Walk in the woods' acrylic on canvas 50x50cm
‘Walk in the woods’ acrylic on canvas 50x50cm

Harmonies of peace

I have always been a little shy about my poetry despite having had a couple of books published here in Denmark where some of my poetry featured my uncertainty prevails.  I guess I see myself more as a painter rather than a writer. Anyway, perhaps it is time to be a little brave and share a few of my poems here? Here’s the first one called ‘SOUL’ which was originally published in ‘Malerier og Poesi’

Harmonies of peace
Comfort and console
Yellow warmth
– in my soul

Yellow Sun (sold)
Yellow Sun (sold)

Oh Joy!

Do you know this feeling? Walking in the woods and feeling the calmness of nature entering the soul? I live in the Danish countryside and I love the peace and healing that only nature can yield. This painting is a celebration of this emotional experience. Breathe in deep.

Oh Joy!
Oh Joy!

The Duck

I have been working a lot with Holbein’s drawings as inspiration recently. Here is my latest painting. Old meets new as traditional merges with funky! I photographed my journey with this painting so you can see the different stages along the way.

The Duck - acrylic on canvas
The Duck – acrylic on canvas