The freedom of a little bird over a large icy city. So much freedom in fact, that the bird is on her way off the canvas. This piece is a study of space, cooler colours and the emotion of the little bird. The backlit silhouetted tree creates balance to the painting. The pale yellow sunrise announces the hope of a new day.

A blessed weekend to all – remember to enjoy the present moment!

The Bird - oil and acrylic on canvas 120x100cm
The Bird – oil and acrylic on canvas 120x100cm

Portrait of Danish Writer Tove Ditlevsen

Here’s my portrait of troubled writer Tove Ditlevsen (1917-1976). One of the first books I read in Danish was a collection of her poems in the book ‘Pigesind’. I later read her powerful novel ‘Barndommensgade’ about a girl called Ester growing up in Copenhagen in the 1930’s. My early encounter with this writer when I moved to Denmark in 1984 made an impression on me. It was a ‘challenging joy’ to paint this portrait of her in 2009. The portrait is currently being exhibited in Bristol, England at The Grant Bradley Gallery.

Tove Ditlevsen 120x120 cm
Tove Ditlevsen oil on canvas 120×120 cm