Painting Queen Elizabeth I

Every day I consider myself fortunate that I get to do what I love! Here’s a few of photos of my progress on Elizabeth I of England portrait. I am using the Armada Portrait by George Gower as my inspiration. I have included a couple of very short videos of me painting a shadow behind a pearl and also me painting a lace cuff detail. Be sure to check out the photos at the end of the post too.

I hope to have it completed in the coming days. I am loving the details of lace and jewelry. Painting the gems is almost as good as owning them!

IMG_2189 3
So many details…



IMG_2344 2IMG_2374 2IMG_2375 2


Inner and Outer World

‘Inner and Outer World’ acrylic on canvas

Sorry, it’s been a while since I last updated. I have been travelling. I had a very exciting trip to Haugesund, Norway. My daughter Maria, lives and works there. It was wonderful to be with her again and also to absorb the beautiful Norwegian nature. Below this text you’ll find a few photographs from the trip. Lastly, as you can see I have a new painting on the way! I was very inspired by the mountains of Norway, the beauty of the Earth and our connection to it. This is a new type of style for me, so a little challenging, but it’s part of the journey so that’s alright! Have a lovely weekend, everyone.

Until next time, Katherine x

Mother and Daughter
Maria and her little Bengal kitten
Little island near Haugesund
Little island near Haugesund
Little island near Haugesund

Art Deco Headboard

Today I completed this art deco painting which will be a headboard over a bed in our home. I am a huge admirer of artist Tamara de Lempicka. Those familiar with her work will see a resemblance to one of her paintings in this piece. I will give it a high gloss varnish tomorrow and will hopefully have the time to paint a Versace inspired frame for it too.

Man in Blue – acrylic on board