I am continuing in the theme of hot reds and oranges. So far there is no warmth in the  Danish summer as such, so it’s kind of nice to heat things up in the studio with the warmer colours while it gusts and rains outside.

Until next time, Katherine ❤

Silhouette on orange and red. Soft pastel on watercolour paper.
Silhouette on red and orange. Soft pastel on watercolour paper.


Here’s an oil painting I have worked on for some time now. It is going at a deliciously slow rate which I rather enjoy. Every crease and fold deserves maximum attention. I decided tonight to move her out of the bright studio lights and into the soft warm glow of the living room. This will hopefully help me to see the tones differently before I work on her again tomorrow. Btw, she does look rather at home in this room, don’t you think?

To be continued ...
To be continued …