Purple Rain in Watercolour

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Every time I get my watercolours out I remember just how much I love painting with them! This little piece on paper was intended as a sketch for a larger oil painting. But I think it is a little finished piece in its own right, so I’ll be framing it ready for the gallery in the coming days.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. Until next time, Katherine x


I am continuing in the theme of hot reds and oranges. So far there is no warmth in the  Danish summer as such, so it’s kind of nice to heat things up in the studio with the warmer colours while it gusts and rains outside.

Until next time, Katherine ❤

Silhouette on orange and red. Soft pastel on watercolour paper.
Silhouette on red and orange. Soft pastel on watercolour paper.

A Rainy Day

This painting is part of a trilogy I painted for a restaurant. I only used 2 main colours: a very dark olive green and raw umber – this creates simplicity  enabling the viewer to capture the mood rather than the details of the painting. As a little point of interest: the spike of the umbrella is postbox red. Happy Sunday everyone, I hope it’s not raining where you are, but then again, rain can be beautiful too! Until next time, Katherine ❤

‘Rain’ oil on canvas 120x100cm (sold)