Coming home after a good night out

This lady has just had the time of her life out on the town! I am continuing with the brightest colours on my palette. For the next month I am based in the north of Denmark (Skive) where it is quite wintry – almost black and white, so it’s kinda nice to work with some colours. Below you can see the view from my bungalow on the frozen coast! Brr! Stay warm 🙂



The freedom of a little bird over a large icy city. So much freedom in fact, that the bird is on her way off the canvas. This piece is a study of space, cooler colours and the emotion of the little bird. The backlit silhouetted tree creates balance to the painting. The pale yellow sunrise announces the hope of a new day.

A blessed weekend to all – remember to enjoy the present moment!

The Bird - oil and acrylic on canvas 120x100cm
The Bird – oil and acrylic on canvas 120x100cm