The freedom of a little bird over a large icy city. So much freedom in fact, that the bird is on her way off the canvas. This piece is a study of space, cooler colours and the emotion of the little bird. The backlit silhouetted tree creates balance to the painting. The pale yellow sunrise announces the hope of a new day.

A blessed weekend to all – remember to enjoy the present moment!

The Bird - oil and acrylic on canvas 120x100cm
The Bird – oil and acrylic on canvas 120x100cm

Unknown Path

I painted this several years ago when I made a decision to leave a relationship and take an unknown path. It was a huge turning point in my life. I remember being so afraid at the time and yet I still had a feeling deep inside that everything would be ok. And you know what? It was! I guess we all get those moments where we decide to travel an unknown path. I’m sure many of you can relate to this? The painting is painted in one colour, raw umber. I wanted it to be very simple and expressive.