From the Danish Royal Family’s Lofts and Cellars


Was so pleased to learn yesterday that my portrait of pregnant Crown Princess Mary will be exhibited at Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen from September 2016 until February 2017. This portrait was a personal and untraditional one of the future Queen of Denmark pregnant with Denmark’s future King. It will be exhibited together with the dress the Princess wore on this day. I will be going to Copenhagen on Thursday which is the opening day to visit the exhibition.The exhibition will also be showcasing 2000 other artefacts from the Danish Royal Family’s collection of art, jewellery, clothes and memories. Should be very interesting!

More information about the exhibition on Amalienborg Palace Website



Late summer in the studio

Today, as the late summer breeze filtered through my studio door I have been enjoying some more work on this young girl portrait. Still, a little way to go, but what an exciting painting this has been so far. For the first time, I have ventured into surrealism territory by adding a 3D floating piece of paper with my trademark silhouettes. I don’t know quite where I’ll end up with it, but here’s the result so far with a photograph of a corner of our Danish terrace garden.


Portrait in acrylic

IMG_3871A few months ago my  art supplier stopped stocking my preferred Winsor & Newton oil paints. Whilst I was waiting for an online delivery of new colours I decided to mess around with a few acrylic paints I had kicking around the studio. For an oil painter to switch to acrylic painting there are many challenges. One of which is obvious – acrylics dry really fast! A real problem when working with layering glazes as I was doing with oils. The recent portraits posted here are acrylic paintings, the pressure is on to work a little faster to try to create an acrylic portrait using oil painting techniques! Here’s a recent acrylic portrait which I have tried to make appear as though it has been painted in oils.