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Artist | Potter| Gallerist at Harbaeks Courtyard, Denmark

Katherine Scrivens (b.1964 Bristol) has a long career behind her and has had many exhibitions in her native England as well as in her adopted country Denmark. She is best known for her willowy silhouette figure paintings which are inspired by cave paintings and nordic minimalism.

Katherine is also an accomplished portrait painter. Her various portraits of women have begun to gain recognition. Notably her portrait of Crown Princess Mary of Denmark which was included in the recently censured exhibition ‘Fra Kongehusets Gemmer’ at Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen.

Katherine is married to popular Danish Entertainer Thomas Eje and together they manage their  Art Showrooms at their home, Harbaeks Courtyard in Skovby where you can see a permanent exhibition of her paintings and ceramics. Online customers are welcome to visit the Online Gallery.


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  1. You are an inspired minimalist, Katherine – as opposed to that stuff that is….minimally inspired. We have been to Sonderborg and have long time friends in Augustenborg on Als. Perhaps we will drive across the bridge someday and visit your gallery! – Chuck and Heidi
    PS – thanks for visiting our blog.

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